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The Mall Issue 6

The beautiful bb’s at The Mall kindly included a poem I did and a cut out illustration I did in Issue 6.


7 Jul 2014

careful, there are broken teeth
swept under the rug. if you
prick your foot bridge
on a smashed incisor
my bad, im sorry

i can lick the wound clean jesus.
welcome to aching
like stepping on a plug,

i’d ride desperate shotgun
be a bad bitch type of mary,
look no sweat

the first conversation we had
in real life
was probably about grillz

i didn’t take a claw hammer
to my mouth on your account
entirely, WELL

I don’t feel much
like being alive today
if that’s ok with you

can i just live right here
in the time it takes
for light to travel
from your earring to my cornea

all the asses of the internet
couldn’t measure
the myriad possibilities
i can imagine of our
hands holding each other.

come kiss my pulp,
i can sharpen a wall of knives
in anticipation. one day
the sun is going to eat it’s children

& one day you are going to make me cry
it’s called inevitability
be kind (don’t do it in public).





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valentines day brings out the creepy in the worst of us.

valentines day brings out the creepy in the worst of us.

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a love poem for god

a love poem for god

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11 Feb 2014
a love poem 4 my iphone

a love poem 4 my iphone

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because of game theory & you

you do not subscribe

to intentions

left out in the rain

in my defence

mercury is in retrograde

& ultimately

this has little to do with

the axiomatic consequences

of words that pour

out of ashamed fingers.

if i ask you to play a game of chess some time

would you comply

because nobody

plays those kind of games anymore

or would you tell me

bb grl

we have been making moves across the board

since that night we met under sodium lamps,

then would you be so kind as to

divulge your end game

in a series of strategic diagrams

drawn with a confident index

on the chalk board of my stomach.

if every decision we have ever made

& ever could make

becomes tangible through the process of equation

what kind of fricked up animals are we?

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Llew Llaw Gyfess


By Ashleigh Alexandrea

Though I have always been
favourable of the Irish goodbye,
it did not seem fitting
for the last instance of us.
Your eyes squarely in mine,
you told me of the tawny owl,
and how she is the loneliest of all the birds.
Hot on your trail,
I am watching you forget me
with the red eyes of a Chinese rabbit,

 part 2 of 3 by me

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